Quick Nodes Guide for Brainlets

What is Nodes?

  • Map is divided into different territories (see dynmap viewer)
  • Different territories have different resources:
    • Income: items/blocks you get over time
    • Ore: item drops when mining stone (gold ore, coal, ...)
    • Crops: farm crops that can grow in a region (wheat, potatos, sugarcane, ...)
    • Animals: animals that can breed in a region (sheep, cows, ...)
  • You and other players form towns and claim territories to use their resources
  • During war, you can capture territories from other towns


  • /town or /t for short is the main command.
  • /nation or /n for short is for nation management.
  • /war and /peace for declaring war, offering peace.
  • /nodes or /nd for short has commands with info about the Nodes world.
  • /gc, /tc, /nc, /ac for changing your chat channel (who can see your messages)

How to Join a Town

Request to join someone's town with /town join name, where name is their town name.

How to Form a Town

  1. Go to the territory location you want to create your town in
  2. Type /t create name, replace name with the name you want
  3. Invite players with /t invite playername
  4. Ally other towns using /ally townname

How to Claim Territories

  • See ingame territory map using /t map or /t minimap
  • View a territory's resources with /nd territory
  • Go into the territory you want to claim and use /t claim
  • Use /t unclaim to remove a territory you no longer want

Claiming territories costs town power. You get more power by having more players and total player play time on the server. Territories with important resources cost more power.

How to get Town Income

  • Use /t income to view your town's income chest
  • You may get income over time from territories, which gets put in this chest
  • Taxes from territories captured during war also go into this chest

How to Create a Nation

  1. Type /n create name, replace name with the name you want
  2. Invite other towns with /n invite townname

How to Fight War

  • Declare war on a town or nation with /war enemyname
  • Attack enemy's territory by putting down a fence block in a chunk (fence is a "flag")
    • You must attack from the outside of a territory
    • Or attack from a captured chunk or ally territory
    • The "flag" must see the sky (cannot place underground)
    • Break the wool block on a flag to stop an enemy attack
    • If the flag is not broken, after some time you will capture the chunk
  • Turn on minimap to see where to attack: use /t minimap
  • Capture a territory's home chunk ("H" symbol on the minimap) to capture the territory

Captured Territories

  • Two ways to capture territory:
    • Occupation: (Default) The territory is still owned by original town, but the occupier gets taxes: a portion of the territory's income and any ores mined, crops harvested, or animals bred in this territory by players goes to the occupier.
    • Annexation: The territory is added to your town as a normal claimed territory.

Peace Treaties

  • Negotiate peace treaties with other towns/nations using /peace [town/nation]
  • This opens a Peace Treaty GUI inventory window
  • After accepting peace, towns enter a truce period where they cannot war each other

Truce Periods

  • Default truce periods are 48 hours
  • Use /truce to view your current truces with other towns


  • Use /ally name to offer/accept an alliance with another town/nation
  • Allied towns/nations cannot declare war on each other
  • Use /unally name to break the alliance. You will enter a truce period after breaking the alliance.