Towny succs cuz you just kill their homeblock & their town explodes & they seethe/cope quit & server dies after 1 week. Also no resource/economic differentiation between towns so theres no economy or trade.

Factions was never good.

Name based on /sci/ monkey meme


  1. Map segmented into pre-created territories which are groups of contiguous minecraft chunks.
  2. Territories have different resource nodes which provide different resource yields from mining and different rates for farming, animal breeding, etc...
  3. Players form a town which controls territories. Initial territory claims must be connected.
  4. War is capturing territories from another town.
  5. Towns choose 1 territory to be their capital which cannot be taken until all other territories are captured.
  6. A captured territory is occupied and provides resource benefits to the occupier. The occupier has the option to annex a territory and add it to their town.


  • xeth <xeth#0896>: lead
  • jonathan <Jonathan#2373>: dev
  • onions <onions#5770>: dev